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Helix Studios with Alex Vaara and Bastian Hart

Helix Studios come up with the best fantasies and shows them on ‘8teen boy’ and other great sites for our pleasure. And our fantasies don’t get much better than lots of rough and tough inmates all locked up together in prison. This episode stars Alex Vaara and Bastian Hart who share a cell with a few other sexy, naughty men.
This episode starts off with a short interview by Roy Clements, the director of this hardcore flick telling people he was also in prison a while ago and what it is like. In the next scene Alex Vaara is sat down in his prison uniform telling us his cock jerking story.
He was a newbie in prison. He was scared and frightened until he got into a friendship with the hunky and hairy Bastian Hart. Bastian looked after him and made sure he was, and felt safe. Alex was thankful to him, and although Alex is straight, he wanted to do something for him in return.

One night when the other cell mates were out for a couple of hours working, Alex and Bastian are the only men left in their bunks in the room. Alex takes his chance and goes over to Bastian and wakes him up. Bastian asks him what is he doing and Alex answers him by rubbing his cock through his white boxer shorts. After Bastian warns him that it’s just between those two, Bastian pulls his boxer shorts down and lays on his back, his legs spread and his fat cock lying flat his stomach. He tells Alex to get sucking. Alex opens his mouth wide and sucks on Bastian’s cock like he has been doing it all his life. Bastian stands up and is soon panting with excitement as Alex carries on sucking on his cock and ball sack.
Bastian gets so excited he wants to fuck Alex’s ass. He orders Alex to stand up and to put his hands against the bunk and to put his ass out before the cell mates come back. Fighting against time and lust, Bastian pierces Alex’s virgin ass hole and sinks his cock right up to his tight ball sack. It gets mesmerizing watching Alex’s eight inch cock bouncing up and down as Bastian drills his tight hole hard and fast.
Bastian tells Alex that it’s his turn to do all the work, and as he lies on the bed on his back, Alex climbs on top and rides his dick as he looks into his face. Feeling that he is going to cum any minute, Bastian flips Alex over and fucks his ass frantically in the missionary position. Alex Vaara howls out and as Bastian feels Alex’s asshole go into spasms around his fucking cock, he watches as Alex ejaculates and spurts thick cum over his stomach. Bastian Hart gets Alex kneeling on the floor and jerks his cock in front of his face. Alex feels his balls sack tighten which make him cry out as jets of scolding hot cum land on Alex’s tattooed chest in thick clumps. Bastian then tells Alex they need to clean up the mess before the rest get back I the knowledge he can have sex whenever he wants too. Life in prison really is like having sex on tap.
Alex Vaara is a five foot eight inch hunk with a handsome face. He is a versatile top and has a lovely eight inch cut cock. He has brown hair, brown eyes and weighs 160 pounds. Alex has starred in five hardcore flicks for since he started back in June 2015 with Will Braun, (an exclusive star to Helix Studios) in ‘Swipe part 1’
Bastian Hart is a muscular hairy bear of a man. He is a great top who loves pounding the tight ass with his seven inch cut cock to any gay teen who wants it. He has jet black hair and he has those big brown come to bed eyes. Bastian has starred in twenty-two hardcore movies with Men .com since starting back in November 2011 where he fucks Johnny Rapid hard and fast in the missionary position, in ‘Bastian Hart And Benjamin Baker.’

A evaluation of Broke Straight Boys paysite

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