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Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody from Super Gay Hero

Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 3 is a four man orgy with 31 inches worth of dick, and some amazing close-up ass fucking with Gabriel Cross, Jimmy Durano, Johnny Rapid and Teddy Torres. This hot and horny gay porn movie has been filmed by and released by Super Gay Hero.

Great gay porn parody stars

Gabriel Cross is a cute blonde twink from the UK with a beautiful smooth body and one hell of a fuckable ass. He is five feet five inches tall, with sexy brown eyes and a seven-inch cut cock, and he is an eager and hungry bottom.
He has starred in twenty-one gay porn vids for, and in his last movie, he got his ass fucked hard and fast in ‘Secret Affair Part 3’ alongside Diego Reyes, Paddy O’Brian and Skyy Knox.
Pirates - A Gay XXX Parody Part 3
Jimmy Durano is a hunky, horny guy with a muscular body and a designer beard. He is five feet eleven inches tall, has jet black hair, seductive hazel eyes, and he is a top with a juicy uncut eight-and-a-half-inch dick.
Johnny Rapid must be the most famous gay Pornstar on the planet today, and he is an all exclusive star to Johnny has starred in 184 hardcore gay porn movies for them, and he has been fucked by more guys than anybody else. He is cute with a lean young body, and he is five feet six inches tall with brown hair, brown eyes, and he is versatile with a seven and a half inch cut dick.
Teddy Torres is hot and hairy, and wouldn’t look out of place in a Tom of Finland gay story. He is five feet ten inches tall, has black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and he is versatile with an eight-inch uncut dick, and a lovely set of low hanging balls.

What is pirates xxx parody about ?

Johnny Rapid is sitting by a fire outside under the moonlight with the famous pirate, Diego Sans. Paddy O’Brian turns up and arrests them both and takes them back to his ship.
In the morning, Johnny wakes up to find himself chained to a post, and as Gabriel cross is threatening him, he hears two pirates sneaking onto the boat to try and rescue Johnny. He pulls his big gun out, and the two men, Jimmy Durano and Teddy Torres find themselves being tied up alongside Johnny.

Jimmy Durano smiles seductively at Gabriel and tells him to get his cock out of his pants. Gabriel puts his hand inside his Jimmy’s pants and wraps his hand around Jimmy’s thick meaty cock. Jimmy then tells Gabriel to have a taste of his cock. Gabriel goes down on his knees and does what he is told.

He unchains all the men, and they follow him to the front of the boat where he continues to suck on Jimmy’s hard cock, and he tells Johnny to get his dick and ass out for them all to see. Teddy sits down, and as Johnny kneels down with his ass naked up in the air, he sucks on Teddy Torres cock, and as Gabriel sucks Jimmy’s dick, Jimmy leans forward and runs his tongue around Johnny’s tight asshole as he rims it, and gets it ready to be fucked.
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Gabriel gets naked and lies down and spreads his legs open for Jimmy. Jimmy fucks him hard, and soon as Gabriel Cross shooting his load over himself. Johnny, Teddy and Jimmy take their opportunity for freedom, and they all jump in the sea as they make their escape.

Once on the island, and when they are safe, Jimmy and Teddy take it in turns to fuck Johnny Rapid’s beautiful tight butt hole. Johnny gets fucked in all kinds of erotic positions and ends up with cum dripping from his lean, smooth young body.

They finish off, and still stark naked and with cum not yet dried on his body, Johnny and Jimmy Durano, head off into the forest in search of the captain.

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Damien Crosse and Johnny Rapid as freaky pornstars

If you like adult entertainment that acquires your blood pumping, after that you’ll ultimately enjoy part quite a few concerning the touring series with Damien Crosse. Just quite a few, Damien partners increase with good looking as well as tattooed Johnny Rapid. This will begin alongside archangel sailing the local pub scene looking for the young stud using the same thing in his head; getting some actions. As they enters nearby standard, he updates your hot guy that he’s viewed ahead of although never spoken to. The exact man turns out to be able to be Johnny, plus tonight he’s ingesting by yourself. Archangel lies almost Johnny at bar, then when she orders a beer in himself, he or she grows any concerning Johnny at. Very soon the guys are involved in small talk, although they may be able experience the sexual tenseness between him or her. After each males pound a few a lot more beers, Damien takes the opportunity as well as places his hand on Johnny’s thigh plus lantern slide it up almost his or her cock and projectiles whereas keeping it also hidden in the bar counter. The man gives Johnny’s thigh a squeeze extremely nearly his prick and shows that these take this particular party to their destination along with the two wash up together.

Johnny’s prick gets extreme and hard immediately, now Damien electrical device it rapidly along with his right plus lantern slide their left-hand an estimated as well as cut-in his mid finger straight up Johnny’s limited little bit of asshole.Johnny’s bottom cheekbones freeze plus he lets out your small yelp since unplanned digit is pressed up the asshole all of the sudden. pushes his finger carefully but firmly entirely inside of Johnny’s ass and moves it around to loosen it up as well as cooking it for his sizeable plus stiff person chicken. She consequently prevents jacking off Johnny’s stiff, bright cock and pushes him to his hands and joints.

Soon Rapid comes back the favor are created sucking Damien’s long cock, he lubricating substance up his middle finger with his expectoration and works up inside Damien’s tight few arse and moves it also around to loosen it for his or her hard, thick cock. shudders and his awesome cock sprays out various pre-cum on Johnnys kuki while he feels about the big fat prick getting into his tight ass. The things that ensues is one of the most effective ass poundings and love juice-snap displays that you’ll have ever view. Even though this is part 4 regarding the Cruising Series, there could be pretty sure you should be more hot scenes in this way in your immediate future. click here to find out more