A whole new passionate history starting Topher Dimaggio

If you saw the very first video clip associated with the brand-new show from Gods of males, one of several lately added web sites from Men.com, after that get ready for component two of Package 3 3. This motion picture stars the well hung Paddy O’John and Beginner Topher Dimaggio. Component two regarding the show employs in which part one remaining off, and begins in the same area as well as on the same bed. The scene begins with equally hot men laying next to one another on the bed, and in addition you can notice that both men are currently stiff and difficult. As the 2 guys start kissing, Paddy reaches down and Starts patting Topher Dimaggio’s big breathtaking cock while whispering into their partners hearing what he plans on doing along with it.

This whispering gets Topher Dimaggio cock also more difficult and desiring even more, so he direct Paddys lips down towards his dick until he Appears the warm language and mouth up on it. After having his cock and balls taken, Topher Dimaggio reveals that he’s the subservient one, as he pas down his briefs and exhibits Paddy their Fantastic tight bum. He after that operates Paddy’s thick cock skillfully Collectively with language and mouth, getting it Excellent and wet therefore He’s able to put it up their tight ass. Abruptly, Paddy flexes Topher Dimaggio during the bed when you go through the doggie Area together with his legs spread eagle along together with butt holding throughout the side of the mattress and knees from the floor. Paddy lubes his Tough dick and presses it against Topher Dimaggio’s tight bum and ultimately makes the mind inside.

Topher Dimaggio responds with a loud moan and gasp while the thick mind goes into his limited asshole, however it quickly releases up while he locates themself Shoving their buttocks resistant to the huge cock and taking it deep interior. Due to the fact limited walls of their asshole offer option to the dense also pulsating dick inside, Topher Dimaggio’s head begins to spin; he is competent to feel a Tremendous load of sperm swelling upwards inside his balls and Prick. After a few for the greatest cumshots ever shot additionally the two hot and sexy Men are invested, Paddy starts to inform a sexy story as the display screen fades away, which renders all of united states desiring the sequel since quickly as you maybe can. The Internet sites and exclusive video clips readily available from Men.com are just the best. browse around here

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